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Hosting & Transaction Service
Website hosting costs and software usage costs

Buy & Change Your Domain Name
Buying a domain name is extremely easy to do. Check to see if the domain name you want is available on any domain registrar and make the purchase, and then you'll need to change its nameservers.

Nameserver(DNS) information:

Domain registrars:

SSL Certificate Installation
An SSL Certificate is a text file that you install on your server so that you can secure sensitive communications between your site and your customers. You can get your SSL certificate with easy from the following websites:

If you do not have any expertise, we will provide you with a purchase and installation service.

Web design, Content & Product Registration
Customize your online store with our easy-to-use website builder. (upload products, change prices, create a banner, display your logo, etc.)
We also provide web design services for those who need it.

Online Promotion
Google Maps SEO Marketing Service
Get a personal postal letter from Google to easily verify your location and presence on Google Maps.

Creating Social Media Account
Keep your loyal customers up to date and reach out to others with a social media presence.

Social Media Management
Keep your social media active with consistent posts and build your online presence.